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The Technician working on the sink tap at Tucson, AZ
Is Tucson Water Safe to Drink?

Life in the desert can be harsh. With average summer highs exceeding 100 degrees F in Tucson, Arizona, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Of course, this means you need uninterrupted access to clean, safe drinking water.

If you have ever noticed rust stains on your sinks or toilets, hard water spots on your utensils, or dry skin after taking a shower, you may be wondering—is Tucson water safe to drink? The contamination level…

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The septic tank in garden at Tucson, AZ
Septic Tanks-Are There Harmful Effects Of Water Softener Discharges On Household Septic Tanks?

Here are the answers to that question and the effects of using a water softener with a septic system.

It is not true that water softener regeneration discharges pose a problem to septic systems or to the leach field. Studies have shown that water softener regeneration wastes do not interfere with the septic tank system drain field soil percolation, but because of the polyvalent water hardness cations in the regeneration discharges improve…

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The man using water filtration system in home at Tucson, AZ
Fall Home Improvement Plans Should Include Kinetico Quality Water

Kinetico Quality Water Helps With Fall Home Improvement in Tucson

Fall is here, and temperatures have finally started to drop. At this time of year, when the weather becomes more bearable, many homeowners begin to think of improving their homes. If you’re a homeowner in the Tucson area whose thoughts have turned to home improvement projects, make sure your plans include Kinetico Quality Water.

Kinetico Quality Water…

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The man using water filtration system in home at Tucson, AZ
What Is a Water Softener?

At Kinetico Quality Water, we are committed to helping you find the right product to ensure your home has the best water quality. We have a wide selection of Tucson water softeners and products that are independently certified to help ensure you are getting the right system. Water softeners can be a crucial part of any home in the Tucson area because they help to protect your pipes, fixtures, and appliances from the dangers and…

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