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Saltless Water Dechlorinators and Descaling Devices in Tucson, AZ

Arizona has some of the hardest water in the United States. A majority of the “working water” (water used in bathing, cleaning, laundry, etc.) comes from the Colorado River, complete with dissolved rock and minerals. These deposits can destroy appliances and fixtures over time and clog pipes and plumbing with calcium and magnesium build-ups.

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Learn More About Our Saltless Dechlorinators & Descalers

Our municipalities use chlorine to clean and disinfect the water supply. Once the water reaches the home, many homeowners want to remove the chlorine so it doesn’t wreak havoc throughout the home and body.

Homeowners in the Tucson, AZ area count on Kinetico to treat their water and make it better for everyday use. To help you understand our no salt solutions and their benefits, we have put together some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our customers. Take some time to review them, then contact us for more information.

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