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Water Softener FAQ’s in Tucson, AZ

Arizona has some of the hardest water in the United States. The Colorado River deposits high levels of calcium and magnesium into much of our tap water and leaves many homeowners with strange tastes in their mouths, soap spots, crumbly faucets, or worse. Kinetico Quality Water has the answer.

We offer water filters and softeners in the Tucson, AZ area. Since 1970, Kinetico Quality Water has been working with customers to get the most out of their water. Today, we continue that tradition by offering a wide range of single, twin, and quad-tank softening and filtering systems. The Water Quality Association (WQA) tests all of the systems’ certified components against national standards. The results are always the same: Kinetico Quality Water is safe, clean, and satisfying. Take some time to review some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions and find out how one of our systems can benefit you.

The man using water filtration system in home at Tucson, AZ

Are Water Softeners Good For Your Skin?

Yes. Softer water means a more beautiful you. In addition to soft, silky hair, soft water makes your skin look smooth and rejuvenated. The dry, itchy residue left behind by hard water is gone. The soap lathers better in soft water and washes away easier. Soft water also cleanses the harsh chemicals that cause your skin to lose moisture and develop eczema. In addition to smoother skin, soft water gives you clearer skin as well. Dry skin produces more oil. That oil leads to clogged pores, breakouts, and acne. Soft water helps you maintain the balance of natural oils on your skin, which causes fewer breakouts.

How Can Water Softeners Help My Home?

Kinetico Quality Water softens and enhance your water in a variety of ways.

  • Softer, Brighter Laundry: The Water Quality Association reports laundry costs can double for people using hard water. Clothes become stiff and rough when hard water deposits react with the chemicals in laundry detergents, and because more detergent is needed, colors fade and fabrics wear up to 15 percent faster. Washing machines can wear out nearly 30 times faster when using hard water.
  • Reduced Water Spots: With a Kinetico water system, you can reduce stubborn hard water spots and stains from silverware and shower doors. You will notice less etching on glasses and dishes.
  • Longer-Lasting Pipes & Appliances: Hard water in plumbing and water-using appliances can cause them to function less efficiently and may cost you more money in repairs over time. A Kinetico water softener reduces scale build-up and gives your plumbing system and water heater better longevity and enhanced performance.

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

Kinetico Quality Water has a water softening and filtering system for every residential need:

  • Single-Tank System: Clients looking for an economical option can choose our single-tank softener system.
  • Twin-Tank System: Our twin-tank softener system offers unlimited treated water and cleans itself. Similar to our hybrid unit, the twin-tank system works off water pressure. It continues to soften even when the power goes out. This system features an on-demand backwash based on your water usage, not a timer.
  • Quad-Tank System: Our quad-tank system is for customers who want a whole-house water filter and softener package. This hybrid machine softens and filters water using kinetic energy from moving water. Two of the tanks filter the chlorine and foul odors and tastes to provide delicious treated water, 24/7. The quad-tank system also features on-demand regeneration, so there is no reliance on timers or wasted resources.

How Do I Select A Water Softener?

Let our company come to your home and conduct free water analysis for you. We will examine your existing plumbing/system, test your water, then recommend the right system for your needs. We stay up-to-date on the most innovative practices in water treatment systems and incorporate them into our designs. Our products are eco-friendly, resource-conservative, and engineered to give you the clean, drinkable water your home deserves. We invite you to use our 50 years of expertise to your benefit and let us show you a better way to soften and improve your home’s water quality.

Get Started With Innovative & Quality Water Treatment Products From Kinetico Today