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Reduce Your Exposure to PFAS With Our Water Station

Unfortunately, you can no longer take your drinking water for granted. Many municipalities have less-than-ideal water supplies loaded with potentially harmful chemicals. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination is one such culprit. PFAS is not new, but the science investigating it has begun to yield surprising knowledge about the chemicals’ potential health effects. We know PFAS is a man-made set of chemicals – including carbon, fluorine, and other elements – typically used in non-stick cookware, food packaging, and stain and water repellents. And while the two most widely-studied forms of PFAS are no longer used, there remain roughly 3,000 PFAS chemicals in the marketplace. Kinetico Quality Water can help remove the chemicals from your water before you use them for cooking, showering, and drinking.

The First Step to Stopping Contamination Is Understanding It

PFAS is widespread, and as a result, challenging to locate and eliminate. But there are things you can do to reduce exposure. Before we get into the tools we offer to combat PFAS contamination, we want to help you understand the chemical, how it enters your body, and the potential impacts. Fortunately, several crucial facts can set you on the right path:

  • PFAS Doesn’t Degrade: Because these chemicals don’t break down in the environment – or in your body – they tend to accumulate over time.
  • You Can Ingest Them in Various Ways: The most common entry method for PFAS chemicals is through the drinking supply. However, those who work in certain factory environments are susceptible as well.
  • Contamination is Widespread: While exact measurements are next-to-impossible, experts estimate the drinking water of around 16 million people in the U.S. contains extensive PFAS chemicals.
  • PFAS Are Inefficiently Regulated: How each state chooses to regulate PFAS varies from, which is why the compound is so prevalent!
  • Scientists Are Beginning to Understand the Impacts: Comprehensive data with PFAS is still relatively unknown. However, scientists have learned the impacts depend on the level of exposure and include weakened immune systems, potential cancers, and more.
So, How Do I Remove PFAS From My Drinking Supply?

Fortunately, despite how widespread the PFAS problem remains, there are practical solutions on the market. Kinetico Quality Water is proud to offer them. Our water treatment technologies remove the chemicals before they make their way into the water you drink and use to bathe. Considering how resilient PFAS chemicals are, cutting them off before entering your body is the only way to protect yourself against the potential health issues associated with them. You should be aware that ordinary water filters sold at department stores aren’t necessarily rated to filter PFAS chemicals. For that, you need something more robust. We offer the patented Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station, which is guaranteed to remove PFAS from household water and deliver a healthier drinking supply. Our system is already considered the gold standard for filtration systems. The benefits of investing in a Kinetico K5 water filtration system are numerous, but the crucial advantages are:

  • It Combats a Serious Environmental Issue: Many scientists consider PFAS contamination to be the next pressing water issue. It doesn’t break down and is widely utilized by manufacturers and even public safety (e.g. fire-fighting foam). Once PFAS takes root, it doesn’t leave. It settles in the soil and degrades our lakes and rivers, where much of our water supply originates.
  • The Cost Outweighs the Potential Downsides: There’s no denying it, treating chronic health conditions in America can be prohibitively expensive, even with high-quality insurance. While scientists might disagree about the level of PFAS contamination that potentially causes cancer, thyroid conditions, or high cholesterol, they agree that those conditions are dangerous. You can protect yourself with the K5 Drinking Water Station.
  • They Filter More than PFAS: PFAS contamination is tough to beat. To defeat it and remove it from your water supply, you need an industrial-strength filter. Fortunately, our PFAS-filtering water systems can also attack other drinking supply issues. The result is better-tasting water without the microbes and dirty stuff that causes chronic illnesses.
Contact Us Today to Place Your Order

Kinetico Quality Water is proud to be on the front lines fighting the PFAS problem. There’s no reason not to explore the possibilities our beefed-up and certified water filtration systems. We’re knowledgeable and more than willing to answer your questions, educate you on the stats about PFAS, and help you select a model that works for you. So, contact us today to learn more.

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