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Kinetico celebrating 50 years


Kinetico Incorporated came into existence 50 years ago when its two founders, Bill Prior and Jim Kewley, were asked to design a better water softener valve. What they ultimately created was a business that would make the world a better place while protecting our most precious resource – water.

Maricopa Water Processing Systems is an authorized Kinetico dealer that serves the Phoenix area.  Kinetico provides water treatment products to improve people’s lives through better water and is excited to be celebrating its golden anniversary in 2020.

In 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of a non-electric, demand regenerated, fully-automatic water softener that eventually changed the water treatment industry. From its inception in Ohio, Kinetico has grown from a two-man creative undertaking into a strong and dynamic organization that spans the globe. Authorized Kinetico dealers around the world use Kinetico’s highly-engineered water treatment systems to solve straightforward as well as the most complex water issues for residential and commercial customers.

“We are proud to offer innovative, efficient, and affordable products to Arizona’s water problems,” says Mike Mattox, General Manager. “We tailor our solutions to each homeowner’s water conditions, concerns, and budget,” Mattox adds.

For more information on Kinetico products go to Kinetico is a global manufacturer of water treatment systems for the residential, commercial, and OEM markets. Recognized for its reliable, economical, and sustainable approach to water treatment, Kinetico and its products are used and recommended by millions of people all over the world and are American-made.

Contact Information: Jen Pratt-Swick, (520) 293-6687, Kinetico Quality Water

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