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Tucson’s Innovator in Water Treatment

From water softening to whole house water filtration system, we offer the best in water treatment products.

Tucson Water Treatment

An Innovator in Quality Water Treatment Products

In Tucson and throughout Arizona, many people struggle with water that is too hard, smells a bit off, or does not taste as good as you might like. Luckily, our team here at Kinetico Quality Water is here to help ensure you have outstanding water that you are able to fully enjoy. We help residents throughout Green Valley, Marana, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, and Saddlebrooke get the water treatment system they need. When you choose us, you are able to select the only non-electric system that both filters and softens your water supply.

The Kinetico K5 is third-party certified to remove 99% of bacteria, viruses and so-called “forever chemicals” from water. Be aware most whole house filters, including no-salt systems, are not certified to remove forever chemicals. Click here to read about Arizona suing over these chemicals.

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Signs You Have Hard Water

There are many symptoms that could indicate that your home or business has hard water. If you find that when you clean surfaces with soap and water there is soap scum or spots left behind, this could be an indication of hard water. It can make cleaning a more difficult task. Hard water can also cause you to have less water pressure in the shower by creating clogs in your shower head as well as the pipes. You and your family can also suffer from skin irritation issues as a result of washing your skin with hard water.

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Unique Product Features
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Non-Electric, Non-Gas Systems

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